We are a team of young Indians who firmly believe that we must each do what we can to change our world for the better. We believe no good deed is too small and there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

We are all working professionals or students.  Each one of us have a full-time day job/ class to attend. But, we take time out every day - be it hours, minutes, or moments - to think about how we can bring in a positive change to the community.


We are women, men; atheists, theists, scientologists; homemakers, students, software engineers, photographers, farmers – and everything in between.

We are a chaotic blend of beliefs, professions and ideologies, driven by a passion to do some good.

We relax by ‘working’ on our weekends to achieve our vision. By that we mean a group of friends gathered over coffee discussing how to leave this world a little better than how we found it.


We want to be a reflection of kindness as we make this world a better place for everyone to live

To achieve our vision, we will involve people from all walks of life, especially the youth, to improve peoples’ way of living and inspire others to join our cause

Like what you read? Join us!

We need all the volunteers and donations we can get to make an impact