Good health is the foundation of a happy individual, family, community, nation and eventually the whole wide world. In partnership with schools, our customised education programmes advocate healthy living practices – so that children understand the impact of what tobacco, for example, can do to them; addressing the problem early on.


Being evangelists for blood and organ donation, we partner with various hospitals and Red Cross to help fellow men, women and children in times of need.


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Our project aims to fund medical costs of the underprivileged. We regularly fund costs for recurring treatments such as Dialysis, Sugar & BP check-up, etc.



Blood is the most precious gift one can give. A pint of your blood can save a life, or several if your blood is separated into its components — red cells, platelets and plasma — which can be used individually for patients with specific conditions.


There is a constant need for blood since it can be stored only for a limited time. Regular blood donations are needed to ensure there is enough available for the needy.

We partner with the Red Cross and conduct blood donation camps. Join us and help someone regain their health. In addition, every time you donate blood, you are subject to a mini-physical that checks your blood pressure among other things.



An excerpt from an interview with Mrs. Vasanti Mali and Mr. Ashok Mali, who donated their 17 year old son’s organs after his untimely death in an accident (from


"We feel that everyone should pledge their organs. I never knew about cadaver organ donation till my son’s death. Burning a body is of no use to anyone. There are so many lives we can save, people we can help recover from their illness with a simple act of giving. People should think about this, and there is a big need for promoting this cause through television and all other forms of media. I wonder why people don’t do this and why is there such a situation in our country.

It’s sad that people do not think like this. I am glad that I came to know about this after my son’s death. I only realised this when I met the transplant coordinator. Wish I had known about this cause earlier."

There is nothing more for us to add. Pledge your organs, save lives.