Education empowers socially compartmentalised adults and children to live a better life.  An educated community rubbishes superstitions, lives in harmony and thrives on its own. We believe education to be a fundamental human right that is required to understand and exercise all other human rights.


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For many reasons, our schools are not as well-equipped as they are required to be. Impoverished labs, obsolete computers, libraries in poor conditions and under-equipped sport kits are the order of the day.


School infrastructure is extremely important to ensure students learn holistically.

In this project, we identify schools with poor infrastructure and work with the authorities to bring the schools back to an acceptable condition. Your donations buy sport and laboratory equipment, upgrade computers and stock books - a great way to help students!

We also accept used equipment - reach out to us and we would be happy to schedule for a pick-up.



From our surveys, we understand paying school fees is one of the biggest impediments for parents below the poverty line to send their children to school. With earnings just enough to meet their ends, children's schooling is the last thought in their minds.


We believe this shouldn't be a reason that stops a child from learning.

This project is designed to carefully choose students in families below the poverty line, sponsor and continuously monitor their progress to ensure they complete basic schooling. Over the last 2 years, over 100 students have benefited from this project.


With donations starting at 2500, we urge you to come forward and support us create an educated society. 



We understand that educative materials are as required as funding a student’s school fees. Without the stationary, students cannot learn in the most efficient manner.


In this project, we donate a bag-full of materials that a student will need for the entire year - each bag customised for the grade we are donating. While note books, geometry boxes, pens, pencils and writing pads are common, we also provide scientific calculators, library memberships and technical instruments.

Donations starting with one school bag, this project was designed to help donors donate without breaking the bank. We also accept books and used stationary but only ask that they are in a usable condition.


Reach out to us and see how your small donation, in cash or kind, lights up a student!



Apart from the usual topics covered in a government school’s curriculum, we believe generic topics are required for students to understand and appreciate a few critical topics. We believe teaching via a visual medium is the best way to deliver a message and conduct sessions on weekends on a range of topics using a portable projector.


Topics include impacts of smoking, cleanliness, first aid techniques, environmental science, educational tours, basic computer classes, Sanskrit classes, spoken English and personality development sessions.

Reach out to us if you would like to volunteer to the cause. Trust us, the sense of pride when your students perform well is ineffable!